Dangerous Compassions

tires, thrift store finds, hiking

Yesterday Erik noticed that one of our tires on the Honda was down to wire. So we went to the tire shop around the corner for four new tires. We only needed three, but they had a deal, and four was actually cheaper than three. I hate those deals and wish they just had fair prices on everything.

We also ran some errands, which included two thrift stores. Erik got some hiking pants and a pair of jeans, and I got a pair of black flats that I’ve needed for a long time so I can wear some black dress up clothes I have. The shoes fit great and seem unworn.

Erik’s hiking today at Pt Reyes with his friend T. I don’t know what they plan to see–maybe waterfalls. It was spring for a while here, but now it’s rainy like winter again. I hope it doesn’t rain on them.

By Laura-Marie

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