Dangerous Compassions


Yesterday I worked at the Vedanta bookstore, and two interesting things happened. Swami came in and gave me some jam he and B had made in the summer. It’s apricot plum jam. I felt so happy to receive this gift.

The other interesting thing was a bad thing. Swami bought a book, and he gets a 20% discount, so I needed to figure 20% off $4.95, and I couldn’t think of how to do it. I was drawing a blank. It was so embarrassing. Finally I had Swami figure it. I got to hear him muttering under his breath in another language as he calculated. He came up with .99, which is actually what I had come up with, but I hadn’t trusted myself. So now Swami thinks I’m an idiot, which I suppose I am, when it comes to calculating percentages under pressure.

This afternoon a good friend is coming to pay us a visit. He’s the one who works as a seasonal ranger. We haven’t seen him in months, since he left for Colorado.

This evening we’re going to a party in Davis. It’s a solstice party. Wow, happy solstice. It’s the party of my new friend J. I get to meet his wife and kids and housemates and housemates’ kids. I’m nervous. I’m bringing blackberries.

Just now I had some of the apricot plum jam on toast, and it’s good.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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