Dangerous Compassions


I’ve been practicing a Sunday morning worship song on harmonium, a hymn to Shiva called Prabhu Mi. Last night I played it at choir practice with the choir. Actually, Wednesday night choir practice isn’t well attended, so there were only four of us. Still, I was nervous. But it came out just fine. My body knew what to do. So now I’m going to play Prabhu Mi for worship on Sunday morning, and I’m nervous already. I plan to practice tomorrow afternoon.

This afternoon I work at the bookstore. Now that I have more responsibilities, it’s totally different from the way it used to be. Before, I would read and write letters during my three hours. Now I have a lot more to do: entering numbers into the database for books sold and books ordered, systematically checking the alphabetization of the card catalog, making tapes for an out-of-town devotee who wants a tape of every one of Swami’s lectures, and managing a project for getting all of the previous swami’s taped lectures onto CD. It’s a lot to think about and keep straight. I’m at my limit.

This morning Erik and I went for a walk in the cold. We found a shortcut through a long parking lot that will make our nearby walking route less unpleasant because we bypass part of the busy road.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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