Dangerous Compassions

news from the guacamole festival

Today I worked on a poetry thing for a while–it required that I go to the office supply store and make some copies–it’s a poetry chain, and it’s kind of complicated to explain, but the poems that are passed along are evaluated by other participants and can end up included in a zine.

Yesterday I baked an apple crisp–the topping is delicious, but the apples are for the most part not soft enough. I stuck a fork in it to test it, but I was mistaken about the results. It’s good anyway. But I forgot the cinnamon. Next time.

I’ve been making a lot of guacamole–the avocados my mom bought me at Costco all came ripe at the same time. It’s delicious. I’m experimenting with different variations with every batch.

Last night we watched the second-to-last episode of The Prisoner, and it was just too intense and violent for me. I barely got through it.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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