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super remarkable day

Today Erik went to San Francisco to attend a protest having to do with Burma. This was his first ever solo trip to the city, and he wore red and protested with other Buddhists in front of the Chinese consulate.

Now he’s shopping in Japantown and will have lunch at our favorite Indian place in the world, Chutney, and bring me home something.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…I went to a chain craft store this morning for beading stuff! I am a beader now! I made my first bracelet this afternoon–it’s pink beads with silver spacers, very pretty–I will post a picture later if I can get Erik’s help with the digital camera. My best friend E told me that beading is easy, and I’m glad I listened to her, because it is.

Then I was on my way to the post office when someone let me know I had a flat tire. Yep, it was flat. I did my post office business anyway, figuring that I had already been driving on it, so if the rim was to be destroyed, it was already destroyed. Then two more people told me about the flat tire, and I was getting weepy and shaky from being yelled at by strangers. I prayed and drove right to the Goodyear tire place that’s around the corner.

And guess what? They’re all out of tires the size that my Blazer requires, so they ordered one, and it will be in by tomorrow afternoon. They put on the spare for me for free, and I am very grateful.

In conclusion, it was too much excitement in the morning and now the right kind of excitement with bracelet-making. I am halfway through my second already.

By Laura-Marie

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Whew–glad to hear the tire situation ended up OK.

I’ve never done beading, but oh, I love the relaxation of crafts! Looking forward to some pictures… πŸ™‚

I don’t know if this actually qualifies as beading–I would be more comfortable calling it bracelet making. πŸ™‚

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