Dangerous Compassions

something different

Today was cloudy. It rained for about three minutes, more like sprinkling but big drops. I was very impressed.

In the afternoon I was lonely and chatted on the new Icarus chat. I met an interesting couple in Buenos Aires. I learned of a site called and learned what DMT is. Psychedelics are the last thing I need, but it’s stimulating to learn something different.

This morning we found a present on the front porch that Kitty had left for us. A neighbor alerted us. Erik was about to step on it. It was a rat with the head and neck removed, to give you too much information. I’m haunted by the sight. All day I’ve been regarding Kitty as the killer that he is. Right now he’s sleeping near my feet and looks so harmless, innocent, sweet.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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