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retreat report

The retreat yesterday was both exhausting and inspiring. I just don’t have the stamina to sit through such a long program, even with the music as a break. My brain is full after an hour. Still, I’m glad I went, and it’s interesting to remember. Going on a trip is bonding, and I feel closer to the three other women who were in my car. The place is secluded, yet with so many people around, I felt safe. There were about 150 people total–eight from our center, and many from the Berkeley and San Francisco centers. I liked seeing my swami happy with the other swamis and having a good time somewhere other than home.

It was a beautiful, empty location with a clearing and oak trees and distant hills green with more oak trees. It was hot yesterday, the kind of heat that drains energy and makes everyone sleepy. Today I’m still dehydrated and drinking. It was a three hour drive one way.

Today I have normal Sunday stuff, but vespers was canceled on account of the trip. I probably wouldn’t have gone. I made Erik rice and lentils for breakfast.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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I’m trying to get used to 3 hour drives myself. It’s fine with a friend along, but I really want/need to get comfortable doing it alone. The destination will definitely be worth it for me if I can get myself up for it. It’s just tough when my motivation doesn’t include what someone else wants.

Thanks for the quick reply and link to your blog!



That’s interesting about your motivations. I’m a reluctant driver and don’t go on the freeway, so a three hour drive is something I would never make myself unless to save a life or some other big occurrence.

Namaste to you too,

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