Dangerous Compassions

the asparagus was on impulse–the others were planned

This morning we went to the big farmers’ market under the freeway downtown. We hadn’t been in months. We bought cabbage, asparagus, and pink lady apples. I ate an apple already, and it was good.

I went to worship this morning, not sure if I should, and I was early on accident because I had over-estimated how long it would take me to send some things at the post office beforehand. So that was kind of torture, being so early. Then the service, which I missed last week, was very nice. I sang okay despite still being sick, and I think I got some spiritual sustenance.

I thought sustenance was “sustain-ance.” Trip out.

Anyway, Erik half took apart the photocopy machine so that he could get it downstairs and into the dumpster by himself, and that’s working well, but I got scared that the dumpster would be too heavy, and we would somehow get into trouble, so the plan is that he’ll finish next weekend.

I’ve been painfully depressed, and Erik says it’s just the cold, but this much depression scares me. Erik says, “You won’t always feel like this,” but it’s hard to believe.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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