Dangerous Compassions

winter in the garden

Today I dug lots of holes for more transplanting. It’s fun to work with P because we talk while we work. Also, it’s just a nice time of year in the garden: quiet, not hot, no mosquitoes. Just peaceful feelings in the afternoon light. I listen to roosters crowing in the distance, and squirrels scamper nearby. The plants we’re working with I found boring at first, but I’m starting to see them as beautiful.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Erik did some really helpful cleaning while I was gone, and then I freecycled some old sewing books I’d had just sitting in the pile in the living room for months. It feels good to have them gone. I don’t even sew–they were in with a bunch of books I got from another freecycler.

Now we’re eating pasta with pine nuts. He’s hiking again tomorrow with T at Pt Reyes, and they’re going to look at tidepools.

It’s been a dry, cold winter so far.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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