Dangerous Compassions

satsang is Saturdays

One of the two women who run the bookstore at Vedanta is retiring, so today the usual Saturday morning satsang was in honor of her. Someone made her favorite foods for snack, we all signed a card, and she was given a present (but she didn’t take it out of the bag, so I don’t know what it was–I suspect a shawl). Swami said nice things about her. She was smiling and happy.

The readings were on Martin Luther King Jr and Gandhi. The woman retiring (who is Indian and more than 80 years old) told us how she touched Gandhi’s feet a long time ago after a prayer meeting he held in India.

Someone brought two big boxes of fresh oranges from their tree, to give away, and I took plenty.

Last night I was half an hour late to Samiti, but it was good. Today Erik’s hiking with his friend T somewhere near San Rafael.

I took a sun bath. Kitty’s being demanding and moody. He licked my thumb.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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