Dangerous Compassions


Today I had a meeting with Swami in the library. We talked for half an hour. I found out Vedanta’s stance on abortion (that it’s up the individual) and homosexuality (there is no stance at all), so I can move forward. I asked about some translations of particular words, and about fine points of contention, like whether Holy Mother is really considered an avatar, and what the significance is, of avatars, in a non-dualistic religion. I think he’s learning to communicate with me, and how to see me as I am, which is good.

He forgot the things he told me to do last year, so I didn’t get in trouble for not doing them. And I think being young, I’m given extra license. Maybe he doesn’t think much of me, so there’s no urgency.

Then I went to the Safeway across the street, intent on buying a dozen eggs, but I changed my mind and bought a loaf of bread instead. For lunch, I had a cheese sandwich, and it was really, really good. All of us who have bread are so lucky to have this miracle substance.

At the puja last night, coincidentally, the three men who usually sing in the choir were all absent, so it was a women’s choir.

I have “The Transfiguration” by Sufjan Stevens in my head, and I was lying in bed with Kitty in the sunlight.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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So far as I can tell, if he thought less of you, for being young or for any other reason, he wouldn’t be Swami.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. We all need support from each other. But most of all from ourselves.

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