Dangerous Compassions

very well, thank you

Today was great for getting stuff done. Erik finished the letter to our landlord asking for a rent credit to compensate for the unjust towing of our truck–we photocopied some paperwork and put it all in the mail. Also, I wrote a letter to my friend A in New York, and Erik sent a letter he had been working on to his dad. We did laundry. We jumped the truck, drove it around to charge the battery, got rid of the recycling that was in it, put some new gas in, and got the oil changed, so it’s functional and mostly trustworthy at this point. And we got flea medicine for Kitty from the vet. And I went to choir practice. Add to all that some cooking, cleaning, and reading, and it was quite a day. I feel productive and happy.

At Vedanta there was a huge heap of oranges in the produce give-away area, so I took a big bag full. It’s good to have fruit.

I’m reading Women Who Eat edited by Leslie Miller, and it’s enjoyable food writing. Tomorrow’s supposed to rain.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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