Dangerous Compassions

alarmingly windy

This morning while Erik drank his matcha, he was telling me about this FOAF who likes to play speed-chess when he’s drunk. Without a board! That made me giggle, to imagine.

This afternoon I took a walk in the alarming wind. It’s almost windy to the point of danger.

Erik’s working late again tonight. Rumor has it that if they don’t finish the current project by the end of the year, they’ll lose the contract. So, as soon as he gets home, I’ll be off to choir practice. However, I don’t feel like going to choir practice or doing much of anything.

In the mail I got a Christmas postcard from my charmingest friend in Florida and a journal from the 1001 journals project–super-visual, and I’m feeling a bit daunted and at least wary. Chary.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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