Dangerous Compassions

Sunday is for struggle

Today the power went out at 5 in the morning and everyone woke up. Some neighbors left. They must have been going out of town, or to the houses of their relatives with working air conditioning? Erik and I talked and then went back to sleep about 7. The power came back on at 7:30, and we were happy. We’re sleeping on the living room floor to be by the air conditioner.

But when the power was out, it was so quiet, like camping, to hear the birds in the early morning.

Today’s high was 111. Yesterday Erik went hiking with a new friend from the grading factory. Sunburned and sore but happier for the time in nature.

I’ve been reading Victorian-era letters and learning about the different types of cheese.

We went to vespers and spoke with swami. He gave us ginger cookies, and we signed up for the retreat that’s next week with the swami who comes every year from St Louis who Erik likes very much.

Here are the foods I’m living on in this incredible heat.

* vanilla yogurt
* bananas
* apples
* cheese
* edamame

And the usual, though I refuse to have my tea hot and put it straight in the fridge.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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