Dangerous Compassions

instant oatmeal, parking lots, candy

Today I copied issue 38 of the zine, washed dishes, and discovered a way to make our own instant oatmeal. Would you like to know?

Put some oatmeal in the bowl. Put in the bowl leftover water boiled for tea. Add a couple spoonfulls of instant milk power. Add a shake of cinamon and some hippie sugar. Stir. Let sit 10 minutes. Nearly effortless.

The next project is to sort all the recycling that’s in the truck and take it to the pay place by Raley’s.

Today I was also fooling around on Google maps and wishing I could print better like make it print satalite pictures landscape instead of portrait. There are many things I would like to do that I know are possible but for whatever reason I can’t.

Anyway, copying was fine. I’ve driven myself to the place before, and it’s always so much easier to do something the second time! I kept spacing out, though, and just kind of following the car in front of me, and then I would be like, “Oh crap, I’m driving,” and have to fish myself out of the pool of reverie and think about where I was and where I needed to turn next.

The most important thing is the parking lots, though, and theirs is spacious, not busy, and makes total sense. Unlike, for example, the Whole Foods parking lot, which whoever designed that one should be punished by being forced to park in it. The co-op parking lot is pretty bad too because the spaces are tiny, but I’ve never driven to there.

Kitty let us sleep in this morning. He had been deciding that 6 in the morning was the appropriate time to get up. He relented. Erik’s having trouble with his back at work–he hates their chairs and has brought two little camping pillows that he tries to arrange for his comfort and experiments with different postures. I remember when I worked at the grading factory, I would use different postures too in an effort to keep myself awake.

Last night we read a Wang Ping poem where a person in the poem keeps awake driving with cigarettes and candy. And I thought how at the grading factory, candy is THE method of choice though chocolate was banned. Erik sucks hard coffee candies from See’s.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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