Dangerous Compassions


Sometimes, when I hear someone’s getting married for the first time, I think, “How cute. A practice marriage.” I feel cynical. The best way to prevent divorce is to not get married.

False marriage–a struggle of one person using another, or mutual destruction, with a pain that drags on and on–is the commonest misuse of life that I can think of. In a situation of so much intimacy, the deepest damage can be done, between two who promised to be so good to one another. But how many people really have those skills?

Culture gives so much credit to those who can tough it out. But I give credit to the people who can take care of themselves. If everyone got out of their hopeless situations, so much energy could be freed up to do good for the world.

I thank god I never had children, and I thank god I had a good friend to help me out of my painful and false first marriage.

When nothing’s fun anymore. When it disgusts you to sleep in the same bed together. When he won’t listen to you anymore. When you constantly feel you’re trying to put something together as it’s constantly falling apart. When your sanity is compromised by trying to be good enough and brave enough for him. When your patience wears through.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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