Erik and Laura-Marie Magazine

time #15


Pretty girls are a dime a dozen,
but super-intelligent, kind, loving girls
are rare as a pearl the size of a grapefruit,
rare as pink diamonds,
rare as a pure white dragon
who lets you ride him in the night.
What’s all this concern with outsides
anyway? Don’t let your eyes
give you a problem.
Let your ears hear real conversations.
All forms of entertainment
are a royal waste of time.


Although we’re passing through a tourist area,
we’re not tourists–
we’re moving from home to home.
The worker gave us a bad look
as we drove through tourist town.
We don’t need anything from the tee-shirt shop.
Hamburgers would kill our life.
I’m sorry the tourists treated you like crap
and left on Sunday.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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