Dangerous Compassions


Yesterday we went to Santa Cruz for Sri Lankan food, a visit to their lovely hippie grocery store Staff of Life, and nature fun at Big Basin St Park. Erik was in the mood to “hold forth,” and I liked hearing his postulations about ecosystems in particular.

At the grocery we got some interesting things, like some organic decaf mango tea for me; some malt balls covered in a yogurt-confection rather than chocolate, also for me, which are awesome; and five bottles of my new favorite salad dressing, which is nowhere to be found in Sacramento. I guess Sacramento is just slow.

At Big Basin we took a long walk and didn’t see or hear other humans the entire time. At a stop-off, sitting on some rocks by a little rapids section, I wrote a letter to Romy while Erik sketched some plants. It was a good trail along a creek. Don’t you love those creek trails? I made up a joke.

Q: What do you call a trail that you don’t like?
A: A trial.

That would be a spelling joke, I think. Boy do have trouble with dairy vs diary etc. Brian and brain.

Suffering from some incapacitating anxiety since last night, trying not to let it incapacitate me. I made an appointment at the women’s health clinic to talk to someone about this 3-month period I’m having, at my mom’s request. Good daughter.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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