Dangerous Compassions


My local best friend in jr high and high school was Melly–brilliant, blond, and athletic. She played soccer, ran cross country and track, and played tennis one year. Mostly she was a runner.

I loved her and was devoted to her. Yet there was a lot of conflict too. I would neglect her badly, spending time with whoever I was in a relationship with. She was in AP and honors classes, while I was not. She was great at math, while I was not.

So this was my crew, in a way, but I was the part-time member who would come and go. Amanda and Tara mostly tollerated me, I would say. But senior year, all four of us were in journalism together. We ditched classes a lot together, Melly being the one with a car.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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