Dangerous Compassions

focus group

Today I was at an all-day focus group. I guess I’m not supposed to say what it was about. But I got free foods, earned $150, met some nice people, and used “proximal cause” in a sentence. In a nutshell, I was analyzing arguments all day, which is not a bad way to spend a day. Easy money.

This morning I got my first rejection slip since I started submitting poems again–it was through email. Submitting only to journals I care about makes it more painful when they reject my poems. I’m not sure I can keep doing this.

After my focus group, which was at the Clarion Hotel downtown, we went directly to Trader Joe’s and got some of the lovely onion rye bread, black grapes, eggs, mushrooms, and other delicacies for good meals at home.

We’re probably going back to Santa Cruz tomorrow because I’m hankering for another walk and another fire. I guess it depends on the weather report tomorrow morning, if it’s supposed to be raining there at night.

Paul and Jenny are working the nature center Saturday, so we’ll probably go over there to watch hummingbirds fight over the feeder.

I post a drawing I made of Erik years ago.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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