Dangerous Compassions

scones and eggs

I made some scones–the recipe was called Brown Bread Scones. They were definitely good, but not the best.

One problem was that the recipe called for unsalted butter. We only had salted butter. So we used that and decided to compensate by not adding the salt into the recipe as called for–big mistake! They were definately not salted correctly.

Also, the texture was biscuit-like rather than flakey as a scone should be. Don’t ask me why! So they were more like biscuits, and that’s fine. We put honey and butter and devonshire cream on there, and I have to say, they were great.

But next time, they’ll be even better. I got another scone recipe I might try instead with applesauce and nuts.

Maybe the texture is never going to be right because I’m using whole wheat flour for half the flour.

Erik called unemployment, and Kitty decided to howl for a while. I giggled. I imagined them accusing him of not working so he could stay home to take care of the cat.

I made Erik some scrambled eggs with the last of the squash, fresh garlic, chili powder, cumino, and a little cream cheese. And salt. He really liked them. And thank god, all that squash!

By Laura-Marie

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