Dangerous Compassions

cleaning house

The plum tree in the middle of the apartment complex courtyard has bloomed. It’s very rainy here, and I like it.

We’ve instituted a new policy in response to Erik’s blatant disregard for the need to close cabinets after opening them. Any time I find a cabinet open and close it, he owes me one kiss. Every time he closes a cabinet, I owe him one kiss. (This is my favorite situation.)

Doing errands we drove by Loaves and Fishes, the homeless hangout area. I didn’t give anyone my ginger snaps.

I threw out a bunch of old teaching stuff today, mostly what I used with little kids for poetry. I just made the ______est sandwich in the world. My sandwich is heavy as a _________. It smells like ________. When I eat my sandwich, _______________________________. From HOT circa 1999. My heart’s broken at the accumulation of failures that my life sometimes seems to consist of.

Kitty’s a troll who lives on the photocopy machine in the bedroom and demands a pet.

I think the universe owes me some money. Every time I hear a neighbor scream the f word at her family, I should get ten dollars. Where do I send my form?

Eating raspberry yogurt, trying to stay alive until the next the next the next tomorrow.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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