Dangerous Compassions

perfect satisfaction

I got what I wanted. My eggplant moju, cauliflower and cashew, mushroom soya, dal, brown rice, papadam, paan, and carrot salad garnish could not have been better.

In Big Basin, we went for a long, slow walk and saw many kinds of mushrooms, including brown, yellow, and red cap with a white stalk. It was cold and wet out. We sat on a footbridge for a long time looking down into the creek below. I smelled the bridge’s railing, and it smelled like a mushroom.

At night, our fire was what I needed it to be. We had some good carboard for kindling and huge freecycle logs that were dry and burned nice. And we put our Christmas tree on there for bright surprise.

Today, we went to Fry’s for two ethernet cards and some crossover cable so hopefully our two living room computers can become friends. Standing outside Fry’s waiting for Erik who was in the bathroom, I saw a guy with a Raiders tattoo on his calf, and his buddy was wearing Raiders pajama pants.

There was a homeless-looking dude drinking a Coke and muttering to himself in what sounded like Russian. He was pacing restlessly and would stop in front of me like he was going to talk to me, but luckily didn’t.

The house is in disarray, and we’re stressed out about how to maintain our unemployment while maintaining our morality. The contingencies stack up and make me feel nihilistic. So I’m going to bake some squash and put everything off until Monday.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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