Dangerous Compassions

mutant tree day four

Today was a non-day. I paced myself and budgeted my breaks so wisely that I found myself unphased and mostly unharmed at 4:40 quitting time. White petals were everywhere on my walks. You know those trees think it’s spring.

They had trail mix for afternoon snack with high-end fruits like dried pineapple, cherries, and papaya. I’m crazy about banana chips. They taste like artifical banana flavor, which I love from childhood (when we would ride our bikes to Circle K with candy money).

Erik cleaned the mold of the bookshelf wall and earned major points in our emotional accounting system. Just kidding!

I submitted three poems to an unmentioned journal yesterday. Send your kisses in the air.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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