Dangerous Compassions


Vespers tonight was more beautiful than usual. Swami stopped in the corridor afterwards and waited for us to catch up. “Have some cookies,” he said, and held out one for each of us. We said thank you. I carried mine but couldn’t eat it–the cookies always have chocolate–and gave it to Erik by the car. I smell them and hope the blessings will go in my nose.

In the winter Swami wears his orange knit hat and looks more like a little munchkin. I almost feel bad they heat the big room for just six of us. But the photos are supposed to be real people too. I was distracted reading translations and forgot to say hi to the whole reason I go there. But I think she understands. In fact, she’s the one who would understand me better than anyone. And that’s the whole reason I go there.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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