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two dreams from #16

We were with astronomer John Dobson. He was lying on the ground with his head in my lap. I was stroking his long, gray hair. I said, “You don’t remember us, but we remember you.” I told him I loved him. Erik was sitting at John Dobson’s feet, asking him questions about astronomy.

We were in a large competition to see who could get closest to God. We had to do different activities over a period of many days. On the last day, Erik and I were in a river bed. Two beams of light shone down from heaven—one on Erik, and one on me. I was so happy because that meant we had won the competition. We went to see John Dobson. He told us that the last thing we needed to do in order to reach God was to become vegetarians. He showed us a pamphlet on different vegetarian foods we could eat.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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