Dangerous Compassions

prisoner request

We’re not good friends. If I don’t buy him some books, I’m going to feel crappy, but if I do, I’ll still feel crappy, so I’m in a bad position. Anyone should be allowed to ask for anything, and I should be strong enough to feel okay with a “yes” or “no,” but I’m not.

The problem is they’ve been in lockdown since Tookie was executed, and all they can do is read.

How do you spell cologne? How do you spell offensive?

It’s the sort of letter you should just throw away, but then you’ll dream about it for years, how you didn’t help the one who asked you for help, even though he didn’t deserve it. No one really deserves it. (We can guess what Mother Teresa would do.)

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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